My list of academic publications

Adam Samuel writes on financial services, dispute resolution, private international law and other topics.

Financial Services

Payment services supplement to Consumer Financial Services Complaints book

‘Clear’, ‘fair’ and new media – Compliance Monitor, 1 December 2010 – reproduced with permission

Where property investment and financial services regulation collide – key points 15 December 2011 Meeting of the Property Club

The abuse of the Human Rights Act by financial services practitioners

2007 rewrite of DISP – the Pillars of Hercules Group


Stolt –Neilsen, Rent‐A‐Center and Granite Rock, the US Supreme Court’s undistinguished 2010 trilogy

How to disrupt an international arbitration

An ordinary tale of Soho folk – the domain name decision in www.madamejojos.com


Financial advice and the sales process publications

Financial Crime, Money Laundering and Market Abuse Publications

Investment Management and Wholesale Publications

Approved Persons and Senior Management Regime Publications

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Consumer Financial Services Complaints and Compensation

This is the second edition of the only book on consumer financial services complaint handling in the UK. The first part tackles the complaints process. The middle which deals with when firms should uphold complaints is effectively a compliance manual from a complaint handling perspective on investment, pensions, insurance, lending and consumer credit. The final section tackles the difficult area of calculating compensation.

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