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Consumer financial services - customer facing compliance, client agreements, promotions, advice standards and complaints

International and domestic dispute resolution law and practice

Computer-related compliance and dispute resolution.

Product governance

The governance, development and maintenance of products has become the hottest compliance topic worldwide of 2020s. This course navigates both the governance side and the various tasks that regulators expect businesses to follow to keep their customers safe.


How a firm projects itself, its services and products provides window into the workings of modern financial businesses. These courses use everything from digital media to old-fashioned newspaper adverts to explore the way in which regulators are trying to control the way firms talk about themselves.

Financial Promotions and Digital Media in the UK

Digital media is a key component of modern communication. This course which is an outcrop of the financial promotions training focuses entirely on the uses and regulation of digital media in the financial services sector. We also consider how people answer back on social media creating some complaints identification and disclosure issues.


These courses navigate both the complaints process and the rules applicable to them to show that there is so much more to handling customer dissatisfaction than empathy. This is about process design, knowing the rules and communicating effectively to customers, colleague, regulators and Ombudsmen.

Suitability – advice standards

Financial advisers, discretionary fund managers and wealth managers have struggled for years to transform what was originally a sales business into full-blooded advice, based on a proper understanding of clients, their circumstances and various products. This course tries to bridge the gap between the rulebook requirements on suitability and how adviser can meet their customers' requirements while remaining advisers.

Financial promotions and digital media for mortgages and deposits

UK banks and building societies specialising in mortgages and deposits have some surprisingly fiddly rules to apply when promoting their wares on their websites, social media and mainstream advertising. This course was invented to help their marketing people understand the compliance requirements and teach their compliance people about the issues they face. The course can easily be adapted for mortgage intermediaries who face many of the same mortgage issues.

Code of Conduct (COCON) for senior managers, certificated staff and staff generally

Vast numbers of staff are now subject to the potentially draconian rules of FCA Code of Conduct which could result in both senior managers and quite junior members of staff being disciplined by the FCA. COCON imposes an obligation on firms to train affected employees and individuals about their responsibilities under the Code. This course could be the answer to that. The course leader writes the standard looseleaf work on COCON and its predecessor rulebook APER and so is uniquely equipped to provide up-to-date examples to go with the bare bones of the rules.

Consultancy Services

Consulting takes any number of different forms from a week in the office on the other side of the world to a quickly snatched telephone call. Face-to-face or remote meetings, Telephone, E-mail, Formal opinions, Letters drafted to clients and regulators, Research papers, Deep-dig audits on what caused problems or can be improved, Handling or bringing complaints, and Drafting office procedures for complaints, financial promotions and other business activities.

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