Who is Adam Samuel?
Financial services compliance practitioner, dispute resolver and international arbitration law specialist

Adam does, teaches, writes and fixes things. There are, though, two distinct sides to his work. Adam was originally a lawyer who specialised in international arbitration. He wrote his first book on that subject and continues to supply technical and academic analysis in this area. He resolves disputes, primarily by issuing decisions on intellectual property matters and  helps  lawyers and arbitrators when they are not sure what to do next. An in-depth knowledge of multiple legal systems and the ability to understand how the laws of different countries and arbitration interact form a large part of what he offers the disputes and legal community. They also drive the comparative international arbitration course he teaches at the University of Westminster.

For the last thirty years, Adam has worked in financial services compliance, originally handling complaints as an Insurance Ombudsman’s assistant and second Personal Investment Authority Ombudsman and now helping firms and complainants present their cases. He has the qualifications of both a compliance specialist and a financial and mortgage adviser. Adam trains firms, fixes their problems, re-writes their procedures, finds out what went wrong and how to remedy it and writes extensively about these types of issues. He authored the only book on UK financial services complaint handling, now in its second edition. Adam has also worked with a number of professional bodies on their standards, ethics and examinations. He has helped regulators in four countries and three continents with everything from training, legal advice and designing compensation schemes. He has appeared on both television and radio discussing consumer financial services problems.


• CISI Certificate in Financial Planning 2021

• CISI Investment Adviser Diploma 2020

• ACAMS 2018

• CISI Certificate in Financial Crime 2018

• CISI Diploma in Investment Compliance 2009 (Regulation and Compliance with merit)

• Certificate of FinancialAdministration (Life) 2008

• Certificate of Equity Release 2008

• CF8 – Long term care insurance 2008

• Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators 2006

• Advanced Financial Planning Certificate 2001

• Mortgage Advisers Qualification 1999

• Member of English Bar 1983 and New York Bar 1991


2020 - 2021

Non-executive director, Financial Planning Standards Board

2010 - Present

Part-time visiting lecturer, University of Westminster

1996 - Present

Adam Samuel Training and Consultancy Advises, writes, trains and resolves disputes on consumer financial services and international commercial law.

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Mobile: 07900 248150

The Attic, 117 Priory Road, London NW6 3NN.