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Banking publications

“The ‘Farago’”, Compliance Monitor, 31 August 2023

“Swift report on IRHP scheme urges more proactive regulation”, Compliance Monitor, 4 March 2022

“A ‘new’ Consumer Duty – or same rules, more layers?”, Compliance Monitor, 7 February 2022

“Value for money – the new regulatory focus”, Compliance Monitor, 13 December 2021

“‘Duty of care’ or hot air?”, Compliance Monitor, 12 July 2021

“A Spring flowering of financial services court decisions”, Compliance Monitor, 4 June 2021

“Promotions rules for individual mortgage contracts and debt advice”, Compliance Monitor, 7 April 2021

“The final report into RBS’s GRG – regulator says its hands are tied”, Compliance Monitor, 4 September 2019

“Co-op Bank’s near-collapse – supervision under scrutiny”, Compliance Monitor, 9 May 2019

“The regulator’s review of high-cost credit, Compliance Monitor, 6 March 2019

“FCA CP 16/10 and PRA CP 14/16: the FCA and PRA not really mastering the recommendations of the HMT and Green Reports on enforcement”, Compliance Resource Network, 5 May 2016

“A tale of ducking and dithering”, Compliance Monitor, 25 January 2016

“HBOS – the PRA report analysed”, Compliance Resource Network, 1 December 2015

“Structured products: just say no”, Compliance Monitor, 2 June 2015

“Full of sound and fury – but what does the PCBS report signify?”, November 2013

“Culture and Compliance”, Compliance Resource Network, 19 July 2013

“Risks that go bump in the dark: ignorance of asset quality and inept debt management”, Compliance Monitor, June 2013

“The Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards’ report on HBOS analysed”, Compliance Resource Network, 11 April 2013

“PS 12/22 Packaged bank accounts – another FSA debacle”, Compliance Resource Network, 2 January 2013

“FCA Benchmarking – it should never have come to this”, Compliance Resource Network, 17 December 2012

“Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander (in administration) — a final notice on liquidity which should be on so much more”, Complinet, 27 June 2012

“Bank of Scotland censure for failing – an activity of doubtful value”, Compliance Resource Network, 15 March 2012

“Lame on blame: the RBS report”, Compliance Monitor, February 2012

“Why the FSA fined RBS for messing with some files and left the bank untouched for bankrupting itself”, Compliance Resource Network, 31 January 2012

“CP 11/29 Banks being asked to display stickers detailing their FSCS protection in the week of the RBS report”, Compliance Resource Network, 16 December 2011

“CP 11/20 packaged bank accounts and a further episode in the strange bank/FSA relationship”, Compliance Resource Network, 2 November 2011

The FSA wins one in the Court of Appeal against Barclays – if only about giving third party undertakings in damages when freezing accounts”, Compliance Resource Network, 24 October 2011

“Do fence me in: the Vickers Report”, Compliance Monitor, October 2011

“The Bank of England’s Paper on the PRA”, Compliance Resource Network, 1 June 2011

“An analysis of the Supreme Court’s bank charges decision”, Complinet, 30 November 2009

“Retail banks – full regulation, finally”, Compliance Monitor, May 2009

“Nothing ventured nothing gained”, Financial Adviser, 15 January 2009

“The Crash of 2008- the compliance story”, Compliance Monitor, November 2008

“The Banking Code: the bits that the FSA should not leave out of the Banking Conduct of Business Rules”, Complinet, 11 November 2008

“CP08/19, retail banking and proposed BCOBS : an early analysis”, Complinet, 6 November 2008 “Regulation after the Rock”, Compliance Monitor, April 2008

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