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Financial promotions and digital media – Mortgages and Deposits

This is suitable for Building Societies and banks as well as (with appropriate adjustments) mortgage intermediaries



Training objectives and programme

The real world – ordinary law, good taste, company procedures & ASA Codes of Advertising Practice


What is a “promotion”

What is an FCA-regulated promotion?

Image adverts and other non-FCA-regulated communications

Effect of retweeting and liking

When is private social media use – on behalf of the company?

Exempt communications – communications to press and investment professionals

FCA’s powers over promotions


The FCA Rulebook

Finding the rulebooks and time-travel

FCA Principles

The Consumer Duty – rules governing communications to investment professionals, testing and

Clear, fair & not misleading – its meaning

Describing the security and risk

APR and representative examples – when you need them

BBA/BSA Code on deposit accounts & direct offers for savings accounts


Advertorials – clear identification of material as a promotion

Names – firm, regulator, FSCS – explaining what is not regulated

Comparisons and pricing claims


Particular digital media areas

FG 15/4 Social media and customer communications

Search engine optimisation and pay per click

Website issues – including disclosure of how to complain

Basic systems and controls including records


Introduction to risk management

Three lines of defense

Compliance and risk management functions Competent employee rule

Record keeping

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