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Effective Complaints Handling in the EU

Two half days including a look at some real cases



The EU Materials

MiFID Org Regulation Article 26

ESMA/EBA/EIOPA Guidelines on complaints-handling for the securities and banking sectors


Building the complaints procedure

Complaints management policy

Complaints management function

Relevant limits to the procedure

General content


Advance disclosure

How to complain and the ADR procedure

The ADR Directive

ESMA EBA Guidelines on providing information


Identification of complaints

Oral or written

Any requirement for complainants to be eligible

Third party complainants

Need for complaint to be “material”


Recording complaints




Who investigates?

What do they investigate? Going beyond the complaint

How do they investigate?

Authorities to communicate with third parties

Managing internal discipline issues



Standards to be observed – mirroring the Ombudsman or other ADR body

Issues that could lead to upheld complaints

Compensation issues – monetary and other

Timebars and other defenses


Final response

Content requirements

Demonstration of how to draft a response

Handling litigation threats


Post -response issues

Ombudsman and other ADR bodies


Root cause analysis

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