A values statement?

My most “liked” Linkedin post of all time was the one when I announced my successful completion of my St John’s Ambulance recertification assessment as a first-aider. I posted it for two reasons. First, I dislike intensely reading posts by people telling me how they (not me) have been successful in being invited to speak […]

How financial advisers can stay out of the focused advice trap

Since the Retail Distribution Review put paid to advisers living off product provider commission, many have resorted to taking adviser charges out of pensions in order to earn their remuneration. There is nothing inherently wrong with that and it probably improves their customers’ tax position in most cases. However, there is a trap that I […]

Pension Transfers – oh dear

It is difficult for me to know how to respond to the FCA’s consultation on doing a drains up review of all advice given to transfer from the British Steel Pension Scheme. If an IFA asks my advice about pension transfers from defined benefit schemes, I almost invariably tell them to give up their permission […]

Pension misselling scams- when will they ever end? – Page, Henderson, Freer and Ward X 2

The 308 pages of the Upper Tribunal’s decision in the ghastly references brought by Andrew Page, Aiden Henderson, William Freer, Thomas Ward and Robert Ward hammer home a terrifying message. Sending people to consult an independent financial adviser is not necessarily the right thing to do. These individuals basically diverted huge numbers of people’s pensions […]