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Financial Promotions – Motor Finance and other Consumer Credit

Two half-days using case studies from the company



Course objectives

The real world – Ordinary law, good taste, company procedures

ASA Codes of Advertising Practice


Defining Promotions

Statutory definition of a financial promotion

Is the firm responsible for the promotion? – retweeting, liking

Non promotional communications

Promotions of non-regulated activities

Image adverts and the impact on CONC’s application

Excluded communications and the Financial Promotions Order – communications to intermediaries and press

The FCA Principles and their application to exempt promotions


The FCA’s powers

Rule-making powers

FSMA Punishments including naming and shaming


The FCA CONC Handbook

Finding the rulebook and time-travel

Scope of application of CONC

Identifying the parts of the CONC that apply


Clear, fair and not misleading under CONC and CAP

Clear, fair & not misleading – its meaning in CONC and the ASA Code

Disclosure of security and limited availability of credit

Representative examples and APRs (when needed)

Comparisons and pricing claims

Competitions and ASA CAP 8

Disclosing regulated status

Need for promotions to be identifiable


Specifically digital media problems not already covered

FG 24/1 Social media and customer communications

Pay-per click & search engine optimisation

Website issues

Complaints disclosure on websites


Basic risk management


Key management information

Identifying and prioritizing risks

Record keeping


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